Thursday, September 17, 2015

Assembling my religion

Okay, maybe not so much a religion. According to this, what I am assembling is something entirely different. But it has prayers, and saints, and a philosophy, and ethical teachings and whatnot.

So what do I believe in?

I am still asking myself that all of the time.

I believe that this life is not all there is. 
That could imply an eleven-dimensional deity, or that each individual human is an x in the giant cross-stitch of 4D existence but we're all manifestations of one consciousness that is connected "underneath", or that there is an "afterlife" (although I don't believe heaven and hell are anything but creative descriptions of what we can build in this life depending on our choices, and who the heck wants to walk around on gold-paved streets anyway?! Tacky. Not to mention uncomfortable on bare feet.)

I believe we are capable of understanding one another if we try hard enough and don't give up.
I do believe that there are very different worldviews and ideologies out there, but I also believe that we start in the same tabula rasa state and, if we can find that place together, letting go of everything that has been painted onto us, we can find each other.

I believe that we are not beautiful and unique snowflakes.
BUT I believe that we all deserve love, and we should all offer grace, and if we take care of each other everything will turn out okay.

I believe in grace.
I believe in working hard to let go of judgment. I believe that if I had exactly your genes and experiences I would have made all of the choices you have made, the same mistakes, experienced the same successes. It helps to go back to the "we are actually all one consciousness experiencing itself in different ways over space and time" to have real compassion for others.

I believe that balance is crucial and trying to control is harmful.
We need to learn, and we also need to play. We also really, really need to let go. Control and trying to control things (my worst failing) is the opposite of being. When we try to control others, or anything that we can't, we become miserable and small, and I think we all owe ourselves better than that.

I believe that the way you breathe can change your whole day.
And not just because if you stop breathing the day gets much shorter for you. Breath can change your energy levels, pain threshold, anxiety, and even altar your awareness. And if something as simple as changing your breath can do all of that, you're probably capable of greatness.

I believe that everything I believe is subject to change pending further experience.
Scio me nihil scire - "I know I know nothing." is probably one of the best and most important lines ever spoken. I need to internalize it, and recognize that I am merely doing my best with my ideology from my own limited experience situated at this point in time.

That's the beginning - the framework. I wanted to record it somewhere so as I develop it further I have something to refer to.

What do you believe in?

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